The New World History: Edit

The New World History is based on the Gregorian or the current calendar system. It follows the same years we use in the real word.

Pre-New World: Edit

Unknown events: Edit

-The government starts on the New World Project. And starts building the new planet that humans will be living on.
-Someone forms the Rebellion of the New World under the government's nose. -The government starts building starships. (Most likely this is placed somewhere in the Early 1960s - Late 1990s, though it is unknown if this is canon or not.)

1993: Edit

1997: Edit

  • Sometime in Mid Summer: Ryun's father is born.
  • c. October: Ryun's mother is born.

2000: Edit

  • April 9th: Evan turns 7 years old. He enters Military School.
  • c. Mid Summer: Ryun's Father turns 3 years old.
  • c. October: Ryun's Mother turns 3 years old.

c. 2010: Edit

  • Beginning of the Year: The Government finishes the New World Project and The New World is sent into space, how they did this is unknown.
  • Evan graduates from Militray School and enters RNW with his father. (His father is already working in RNW since the early '70s.)
  • Ryun Mother and Father meet for the first time.

The New World History: Edit

2012: Edit

  • April 9th: Evan turns 19 years old.
  • Summer: Ryun's father turns 15 years old.
  • c. October: Ryun's mother turns 15 years old.
  • December 18 - 21: The entire planet is evacuated. Evan, his father, Ryun's mother and father and 3 billion others hop in three differnet starships. And blast off. Those in the starships land on the New World and those still on the old Earth dies.

2045: Edit

  • August 1: Li is born
  1. 24: Ryun Hayashi is born.

2050: Edit

  • Mid Febuuary: An epidemic rolls around and kills hundreds of people. The epidemic also took the lives Ryun's mother and father. Ryun is orphaned on the streets and on his days on the streets, he learns Aikido from a middle aged master.
  • March 13: He[Ryun] encounters Li and the two brawl it out. A cop arrives and breaks them up. He locks both in jail and shortly after, General Evan Kurtlee, arrives to collect the two juvis. And train them. (This can be concidered the start of the series.)

2060: Edit